World Class Safety
Granite Mountain Quarries (GMQ)

Our Culture

One of the things that sets Granite Mountain Quarries apart is our unwavering commitment to personal and professional integrity. This commitment includes protecting our employees, investing in our clients and upholding the standards that have helped us earn a reputation for leadership within the industry.


Be the best at what we do.


  • Safety First: Protect our people.
  • Family Atmosphere: Make it personal.
  • Positive Attitude: Think the best.
  • Integrity: Do what’s right.
  • Mutual Respect: Be open to others.
  • Teamwork: Rally together.
  • Continuous Improvement: Embrace change.
  • Dedication: Be passionate.

These are the characteristics that drive Granite Mountain Quarries, defining our core culture and setting the bar for our entire company. They are also the reason you can feel confident in working with us. Because we are confident in our work for you.


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